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With extensive experience as a lead compositor and technical director at companies such as Digital Domain and Weta Digial, Frank offers (Python) script based customisation for The Foundry's Nuke, as well as Hiero and Autodesk "formerly Tweak's" RV.

General workflow and pipeline design as well as production oriented training for artists are services Frank has to offer. His preferred training approach helps teach Nuke users while they work on the job at hand, and is usually based on, and custom tailored to the actual production content and requirements.

Frank has trained artists at facilities such as Rising Sun Pictures and Dream Works as well as smaller companies around New Zealand and Germany.

His passion for peer support and optomising workflows spawned the website Nukepedia in 2009. Nukepedia is an online community for Nuke users to share tools (gizmos, plugins, etc) to support each other. With daily registrations still an occurance, Nukepedia has accumulated over 32,000 registered users who have shared over 1100 tools with over 440,000 downloads.

In his spare time he has also built an app called NuBridge, which permits Nukepedia users quicker access to these tools, which he hopes to have released sometime in the upcoming months.

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