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Achim Treu , Berlin based composer and producer has gained early public attention as one half of pop-duo Dauerfisch, which appeared on the Berlin-based label Bungalow in 1997.

During his time with Bungalow he released three albums and started both remixing and collaborating with acts like Fantastic Plastic Machine, Gentle People, Tim 'Love' Lee, Phoneheads and Peter Thomas.

In the following years he continued working on various solo records and composed music for films and commercials.


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As "Künstler Treu" he released two albums and various singles on the Cologne-based label Eleganz and the highly acclaimed collaboration "Wunderbra!" with electronic music pioneer Jon Appleton on Crippled Dick Hot Wax.

In 2003, Treu's main focus has been on his collaboration with Richard Cameron of Arling & Cameron fame, with whom he recorded the soundtrack for the Dutch major movie "Phileine zecht sorry", Richard's solo album "Back", and the recently released Arling & Cameron album Hifi Underground.

With their duo project Fluffy Target Treu and Cameron recorded for New York's disco queen Princess Superstar and produced tracks with Avenue D, Das Pop and Cowgum.

In between projects Treu found time to sport his guitar skills live on stage with Alec Empire as well as Berlin noise rock outfit Mutter, which he was a member of between 2002 and 2005.

Since 2003 Treu is also part of the Neue Deutsche Welle legend Der Plan. In 2004 Der Plan released their longplayer "Die Verschwörung", followed by the 2005 single "Deutschland Bleiche Mutter" with remixes by Malente.

Since 2006 Treu's focus lies on productions for movies, TV and games.

His works appear regularly on most German TV stations and the acclaimed French station ARTE.

He did scores for movies and documentaries like "Sounds Of the Seas", "Heimatkunde" and "Die Partei", as well as for award-winning games like "Physikus", "Biotopia" and others.